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Rustic Elegance: Trio of Beige and White Ceramic Vases

Rustic Elegance: Trio of Beige and White Ceramic Vases

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This set consists of three ceramic vases, each finished in a complementary shade of beige or white, designed to harmonize with both rustic and modern farmhouse decor styles. The selection includes vases of varying heights and shapes, providing versatility and depth when displayed together or separately. Their neutral palette not only enhances the natural beauty of floral arrangements but also serves as a subtle decorative element that can blend seamlessly into various interior environments.

The design of these vases takes cues from traditional rustic aesthetics while incorporating clean lines and simple forms that resonate with modern sensibilities. This blend of old and new makes the set adaptable to a wide range of settings, from cozy, country-inspired homes to sleek, contemporary spaces looking for a touch of warmth.

Material: Ceramic


Big one 8.3in/21.08cm

Medium one: 4.9in/12.44cm

Small one: 4in/10.16cm

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