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Nordic Elegance: 4-Piece White Ceramic Vase Set

Nordic Elegance: 4-Piece White Ceramic Vase Set

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The 4-piece white ceramic vase set embodies minimalist elegance, drawing inspiration from the serene and uncluttered aesthetic of Nordic design. This collection is a versatile addition to any decor setting. Each vase, with its sleek silhouette and pure white finish, serves as a subtle yet striking accent piece that enhances the ambiance of a room.

Ideal for a range of settings, from the intimacy of a wedding dinner table to the everyday spaces of living rooms, offices, and bedrooms, these vases add a touch of sophistication and tranquility. Their design not only complements modern home decor but also serves as a thoughtful decorative gift for those who appreciate the beauty of simplicity and the elegance of Nordic style. Whether used as standalone pieces or grouped together for a cohesive look, this vase set offers a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, elevating the atmosphere of any space with its understated charm.

Material: Ceramic

Dimensions: (From left to right as in the picture)

Vase 1: 6.93in/17.6cm - 4.61in/11.8cm - 1.26in/3.2cm

Vase 2: 10.75in/27cm - 4.76in/12cm - 1.18in/2.99cm

Vase 3: 9.53in/24cm - 2.44in/6.18cm - 1.22in/3cm

Vase 4: 8.39in/21cm - 5.16in/13cm - 1.06in/4cm

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