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Harmony in Trio: Abstract Ceramic Family Sculptures

Harmony in Trio: Abstract Ceramic Family Sculptures

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The 3pcs/set Ceramic Family of Three Sculptures captures the essence of togetherness and warmth, presenting an abstract interpretation of familial bonds. This collection, comprising three individual sculptures, each representing a family member, serves as a subtle yet meaningful decorative element in various spaces. Crafted from ceramic, these sculptures offer a smooth, matte finish, lending a touch of sophistication and artistry to home or office environments.

Designed to complement shelf, office, or living room decor, these pieces are versatile enough to fit seamlessly into a wide range of interior styles, from modern and minimalist to more traditional settings.

Material: Ceramic


Big one: 18cm/7in - 4.4cm/1.73in - 8.7cm/3.42in

Medium one: 12.8cm/5in - 4.4cm/1.73in - 8cm/3.14in

Small one: 8cm/3.14in - 6.5cm/2.55in - 6.5cm/2.55in

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