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Boho Chic Trio: Modern Donut Ceramic Vase Set

Boho Chic Trio: Modern Donut Ceramic Vase Set

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This set includes three white ceramic vases, each of a different size, offering a cohesive look with a variety of display options. Embracing the principles of minimalist decor, this collection is founded on the belief that simplicity holds the deepest truths and beauty. These vases aim to provide a visual breath of fresh air, returning to the core of good design with their uncomplicated appearance.

As versatile elements of modern home decor, these ceramic vases serve as multi-purpose decorative pieces. They can be placed in numerous spots around the home or office, including mantles, entryways, bookshelves, dinner tables, coffee tables, above cabinets, and on fireplace mantels or TV stands, acting as the perfect accent centerpieces to enhance the surrounding space.

Material: Ceramic


Big one: 23.5cm/9.3in - 22.3cm/8.8in - 4.3cm/1.7in

Medium one: 19.6cm/7.7in - 19cm/7.5in - 3.6cm/1.4in

Small one: 14.3cm/5.6in - 13.7cm/5.4in - 2.5cm/1in

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