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Abstract Elegance: Modern Ceramic Vases

Abstract Elegance: Modern Ceramic Vases

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The "Abstract Elegance" vase showcases a pair of white ceramic vases that beautifully encapsulate the essence of modern design infused with abstract and bohemian influences. These vases, designed primarily for the display of dry flowers, bring a unique decorative element to any room, effortlessly enhancing the space with their subtle yet distinct aesthetic.

Their clean, white ceramic construction not only emphasizes the purity and simplicity of the design but also offers a neutral backdrop that highlights the beauty of any floral arrangement placed within. This collection, with its blend of style and functionality, is designed to integrate seamlessly into the daily life of a modern home.

Material: Ceramic


Big one: 8.2in/20.83cm - 2.7in/6.86cm - 5.5in/13.97cm

Small one: 5.7in/14.48cm - 2.5in/6.35cm - 5.7in/14.48cm

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